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Your Strong General Car Repair Shop Business Plan

The important things that you need in a strong business plan are set out below.

Executive Summary

  • Outline why your venture exists in a few straight-forward paragraphs using plain language.

  • Clarify the present circumstances and make it clear how you will go from where you are currently, to where you expect to get.

  • Describe what the important success factors will be and the reasons you have specifically selected them.

  • Clarify your financial state of affairs and how much finance will be needed for the venture to begin trading.

  • Describe the specific objectives that your venture has and the reasons why they were chosen.

  • Construct a clear, eye-catching, vision statement for your company.

  • Itemize your milestones demonstrating how you will utilize your business plan.

Market Analysis

You must find the relevant market research giving you market size, where the market is heading and growth projections. Do not utilize a lot of nationwide and global data for a niche or local venture; unless you are opening a worldwide or national company, you must have a local focus to any market research.

  • Give a brief analysis for the complete current sector.

  • Explain the foreseeable changes for the sector your business is in and how your venture is ready for them.

  • Describe your Unique Selling Proposition and the benefits that you will provide to your likely buyers.

  • Clearly set out your target market and set out the attributes of your model buyer.

  • Characterize the demands your clients have and how your goods will meet them.

  • Create a list of your immediate competitors and analyze their strong points; do not be pessimistic about them, be truthful.

Products and Services

You must:

  • Clearly explain your products and the differences from others on the market.

  • Define how you must market your products and services to boost consumer awareness.

  • Evaluate how your goods and services fit into the market; do they solve problems, present benefits, are they everyday goods or maybe they enhance a companies or a persons image?

Any advertisements, company literature, press releases and editorials available, must be included in the business plan. This will be quite critical as it may help backers appreciate the merchandise that your venture offers and how they may dominate the niche that your business will be in.

Statements like "we can sell at reduced prices with the best customer service" are cliched and you need to try to come up with more appropriate wording that better explains the way your company will operate. Stories about you, your business, and your staff, with details of things you have accomplished, will illustrate how you will make your company a success.

Marketing and Sales

  • The businesses marketing strategy must focus your attention on assuring you use your finite resources in the best way.

  • The sales techniques must be a touch more than cold calling or assuming potential customers will simply rush to buy.

  • You must work out a powerful advertising campaign to deliver your sales message, create leads and produce a powerful brand.

  • Detail your promotional activities, and how they are fashioned to widen your customer base and establish opportunities for your company.

  • Detail how you will establish an intriguing narrative to receive free publicity to promote your business.

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